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Monday, January 16th, 2017 by Nicole Derucher


On January 3rd 2017 we re-launched our purpose….



Why? Because we at ABS know that when we redefine our industry, we are making an impact on the world that can change businesses, communities, and lives for the better. We ARE believers.

We are here to take our industry by storm. We are here to lock arms with and walk alongside customers, employees, and other contractors, to create an experience one would never expect in an industry of typical contractors. We are here to create a vision of what could be possible and then prove that it can be!

We believe that sub-par service from contractors is NOT acceptable – we think it’s ridiculous. We believe the homeowners experience should and can be more. We see a world where every single touch from our team not only exceeds expectations, but it creates a new expectation for how a homeowner should be treated. We see a world where every employee who works for ABS understands and believes at their very core that the customer is, in fact, THE REASON FOR BEING!

Our promise to customers:

We care for our customers and want to build a long-term relationship w/ every one of you. We see a world where the contractor does it right the first time, uses the highest quality materials, trains their employees to deliver the best customer experience and offers a permanent solution that we stand behind. We believe that the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated.

Our company-wide relaunch started at 9am on January 3rd 2017 and ended around 4pm– Our awesome management team reminded us the “purpose” of our industry, and afterwards, every single employee was nodding their heads in approval. We did team building exercises, had motivational speeches, as well as team workshops. It was an awesome day and everyone felt like their purpose was renewed! We all knew why we were here.

Our Mission:

To deliver a WOW experience and challenge the status quo.

Why? Because ABS believe we can challenge the status quo by never accepting that how things are today, are the way they should be. Just because something is currently working, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Every single interaction a customer has with us should leave that customer saying “WOW!”


We all know how it feels to have a subpar experience with contractors or anyone in the service industry, and it should no longer be tolerated, and at ABS it won’t! 


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