Lift & Level FAQ

Lift & Level FAQ

Concrete Leveling Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer commonly asked questions from homeowners about leveling and lifting uneven concrete with PolyLevel®.

Is PolyLevel® expensive?
PolyLevel® is cost-effective because it offers a more durable repair than traditional mudjacking or slab replacement. Not only will this fix last longer than other options, but your concrete will never cost less to repair than it does right now.
How soon can I use my driveway, patio, pool deck, or sidewalk after PolyLevel®?

Unlike alternatives, PolyLevel® has a quick cure time. You can use your driveway or other concrete slab just 15 minutes after we've used PolyLevel® to lift it.

Is PolyLevel® environmentally friendly?

The short answer: yes! PolyLevel® is made from an eco-friendly material that is waterproof, meaning it won't degrade over time or leach harmful materials into the surrounding soil.

Can I get PolyLevel® from another contractor?

No. PolyLevel® is a proprietary product developed by Supportworks and is available exclusively from Adirondack Basement Systems and other concrete repair contractors in the Supportworks network.

I want to lift and level my concrete. What's the next step?

Call or click for an appointment. One of our design specialists will come to your home and inspect your concrete. He or she will then sit down with you and explain what caused your issues, how they can be fixed and exactly what it will cost.

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