Adirondack Basement Systems Q&A

How do you waterproof a concrete basement floor?

Installing a perimeter drainage system like our WaterGuard will help protect your basement floor from water.

How to get rid of damp mildew in crawl space?

Our patented SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier is the perfect solution for preventing the growth of mildew and filtering the air in your crawlspace. Due to the "smokestack" effect, the air in your crawlspace travels up through the rest of your home which can be harmful to your health if not addressed. Our dehumidifier is designed specifically for crawlspaces and basements, keeping the relative humidity at 55%. It also has a MERV 8 filter that keeps mold and mildew out of the air you breathe.

How to install a french drain?

Our highly trained production team installs interior french drain systems almost every single day. Unlike old-fashioned drain tile systems installed on the outside of the home, WaterGuard® is installed just underneath the perimeter edge of the basement floor. The system sits on top of the footing, away from the "mud zone" underneath your floor. It is concealed with concrete once in place. The channels drain into the sump pump system allowing for discharge out and away from the foundation. Contact us today for your FREE estimate!

How to install a sump pump?

Installation begins with excavating a sump pit to place the sump pump liner into. Next, clean gravel is backfilled around the liner allowing for proper drainage into the liner, especially if you have a perimeter drainage system installed as well. An airtight sump pump lid including rubber grommets around all pipes and wires keeps odors and humidity from rising out of the sump pit, while also preventing items and debris from falling in from the basement floor. To complete the sump pump installation, the floor is restored flush for a clean, attractive look.

How to moisture proof a basement?

To control moisture levels in a basement we recommend our high-performance SaniDry dehumidifier. Designed specifically for basements and crawlspaces, the SaniDry dehumidifier will keep it at 55% humidity and filter the air for any particulates.

How to repair a cracked foundation?

If your walls are cracking due to foundation settlement issues, foundation piers may be your solution. If your foundation walls are failing due to expansive soils, a wall anchor system may solve your problem.

How to turn a basement that gets wet into a dry basement?

Since most basements flood from the wall-floor joint, one of the most common ways to stop the flooding is to install a perimeter drainage system along the edge of the basement floor. This would collect the water and direct it to a sump pump, which would then discharge it out of your home. However, at Adirondack Basement Systems, we have an approach to solving water problems of all types. Our solutions cover all surfaces of the basement, including the foundation walls, basement floors, and even wet crawl spaces.

What to do to prevent rain water seeping through foundation?

There are two important factors that contribute to basement leaking -- the clay bowl effect and hydrostatic pressure. When it rains, water collects most densely in the excavated and backfilled area around your foundation. In areas where the soil has clay in it, this is called the "Clay Bowl" effect. When the soil around your foundation becomes saturated with water, the exterior footing drains can become overwhelmed and the water pressure builds up. This leaves the water no place to go other than seep through any crack or gap it can find. Even a well-constructed basement foundation can't provide a perfect barrier against hydrostatic pressure. Our waterproofing experts recommend an interior waterproofing system to keep your basement dry. With our system, water is collected along the major leakage area: where the basement floor meets the basement wall. Our patented interior french-drain WaterGuard, collects the water without fear of clogging due to silt or roots. The water flows through the channels to our sump pump system where it then travels out of your home and away from the foundation. Contact us today for your FREE estimate with one of our highly knowledgeable Design Specialists!

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