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Sagging Floors in Saratoga Springs, NY

Sagging Floors in Saratoga Springs, NY
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This property was not structurally sound until we installed a supplemental beam and 14 SmartJacks. 

Causes for sagging floors, sinking girders, and settling piers:

1.  Floor framing that spanned too far and sagged over time.

2.  Floor framing that was weakened by rot and sagged.

3.  Piers with improper footings that sunk.

4.  Weight added to floor systems not designed to handle the load.


Proven Solution:

The SmartJack is a high-capacity, adjustable steel pier designed to stop settling and even raise your floor back up to the proper level.  First, a hole is excavated in your crawl space for each SmartJack.  Structural stone fill is compacted and a concrete base is installed.  Then the steel SmartJack is cut to size and installed under your sagging floor.  The design of the SmartJack allows an adjustable screw to jack-up your floor, and each SmartJack will hold an incredible 30,000 pounds.  And if future settling occurs, the SmartJack can be easily adjusted again.





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