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Annual Maintenence- Being Proactive vs. Reactive

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 by Maigan Baer

Many of our products require annual maintenance to perform at their best all of the time. These include our waterproofing system, SaniDry systems, PowerBraces, and crawlspace systems. Much like your personal vehicle, your basement systems are working every day and should be serviced. Driving a vehicle too many miles without an oil change will ruin your engine. We all can agree we would rather pay for an oil change than a new engine!

Being proactive about servicing your systems can prevent the snowball effect that can sometimes occur with a reactive issue. For example; if you installed a Super SumpPump system in your basement a couple years ago without having annual service performed you may not know the liner is filled with sediment and silt. This, in turn, could cause pump failure and flooding in your basement ruining any belongings you may have down there. So what exactly do our Service Technicians do when they come to perform annual service? Let's take a look at each of the systems.

Waterproofing Systems: There are a lot of important things that are inspected and tested by our Service Technicians when it comes to our waterproofing systems. In accordance with the sump system, he will cycle and water test, replace check valves, clean vent holes, change the water watch alarm battery, and inspect the liner for sediment and silt. He will also flush out the WaterGuard system and inspect internal & external discharge lines, making sure they are free of debris.

SaniDry Systems: A common misconception among many customers is that the only maintenance needed for a dehumidifier is changing the filter. Our Service Technicians will come in and check the refrigeration system inside for proper operation, clean the drain pan, discharge hose, as well as condensate pump. He will also clean the heat exchangers because if they are dusty or dirty the system will not dehumidify efficiently. Lastly, he will inspect internal & external discharge lines, making sure they are free of debris.

PowerBrace Systems: The entire purpose of the PowerBrace system is not only to stabilize your foundation walls but to also straighten them over time. The only way that this can be achieved is if annual service is performed. When our Service Technician comes he will benchmark walls to monitor progress, re-tighten all anchors/PowerBraces, and review tightening procedures. He will also check other areas for movement to be proactive rather than reactive!

Crawlspace Maintenance: Each crawlspace system can include products from our other systems as well so maintenance is tailored to the products you and your Design Specialist decided on as a solution to your needs. For any linings such as CleanSpace, our Service Technician will inspect seams and seals to ensure protection and locate any new entry points. If you have any sump pump systems installed he will perform necessary waterproofing maintenance as well. He will also record and evaluate humidity and temperature levels of your crawlspace. Lastly, He will perform an inspection of the foundation and yard to prevent further damage.

We strongly recommend to have your system maintained annually to keep your basement dry and your system functioning correctly all the time! CONTACT US TODAY to schedule your annual maintenance!



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