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EZ Post Helical Deck Piers- The Ideal Solution

Monday, July 1st, 2013 by Jen Fox

Deck Piers

Are you building a deck, patio, sunroom, or addition? Before going any further, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' EZ Post Helical Deck Pier System!

Adirondack basement Systems has been installing large commercial and residential piering jobs for several years, but recently we have acquired the necessary machinery to be able to install helical deck piers just about anywhere! EZ Post Helical Deck Piers are supplied by Foundation Supportworks and backed by a 25 year, rock solid warranty.

The standard practice of installing poured concrete piers for decks, porches, sunrooms, and similar structures has caused plenty of frustration of the years-

- Holes can't be dug and concrete piers can't be poured in rainy or freezing weather.

- Post base hardware must be carefully placed in the top of the pier while the concrete is still wet. Construction is delayed while the concrete hardens.

- Shallow concrete footings can be prone to shifting that can cause significant damage to your structure.

- And (worst of all) when a concrete pier is mistakenly installed off the layout grid, you've wasted a significant amount of time and money!

EZ Post Helical Deck Piers manufactured by Foundation Supportworks will eliminate all of the frustrations mentioned above and is reasonably priced at $200 per standard post! EZ Posts provide support to a wide variety of structures such as decks, sunrooms, additions, pergolas, mobile homes, storage buildings, and more. Whether you are working on an existing structure that is settling, or if you are building something new, EZ Posts are the ideal solution for providing long-term stabilization. In addition to offering the utmost strength and stability, EZ Posts offer many other benefits over traditional concrete footings.Installations can be completed year-round, even in sub-zero temperatures, with no waiting time for concrete to cure. EZ Posts are also installed deeper than traditional concrete footings, making them less susceptible to changing moisture content in the soil. They are installed with portable equipment which means there is almost no disturbance to the lawn and landscaping and they can be installed in areas with tight access. EZ Post Helical Deck Piers from Foundation Supportworks provide structural integrity and offer the comfort of knowing you have a long-lasting solution that is stable and secure.

The Ideal Solution:

- EZ Posts can be installed year round

- Installed below frost depth to reach bearing capacity

- Quick installation- no waiting for concrete to cure

- Portable equipment- can be installed in limited access areas

- Long lifespan- galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion

- Clean installation with minimal site disturbance

- Deck posts are easily connected to the EZ Post piers

- Saves time- no inspection needed! A report is sent directly to the building inspector

Since 1998, Adirondack Basement Systems has installed more than 5,000 basement solutions helping homeowners transform their spaces and increase their homes value. In 2008 Kevin expanded his business and became a part of the international network of Foundation Supportworks, giving him access to the latest technology and highest rated products in the industry and this latest venture will continue to expand our product base and knowledge.

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