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Concrete Leveling Before & After Photos

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Lifting and Leveling a Walkway in Philmont, NY

A homeowner in Philmont, NY had a concrete walkway with steps that were unlevel. This caused a safety hazard for tripping and they wanted to have it fixed to ensure nobody would get injured. They contacted Adirondack Basement Systems for a free estimate on our PolyLevel repair system. PolyLevel is an alternative to mud-jacking in that it is lightweight and won't cause future sinking of the slab. It is installed by injecting a polyurethane polymer beneath the slab that raises it. Waterproof and environmentally safe, you never have to worry about it washing out from beneath the concrete and affecting the environment.

Leveling a Pool Patio in Delmar, NY

Homeowners in Delmar, NY were experiencing a sinking issue with their pool patio. Foreman Michael G. raised the concrete slabs with our patented PolyLevel injection system.

Lifting a Walkway in Albany, NY

Homeowners in Albany, NY have a concrete walkway leading to their front porch that had sunken significantly. Our PolyLevel system was used to raise it back to its intended position. This was done by injecting a poly-urethane polymer underneath the slabs. This light-weight high-density polymer is a more ideal solution than mud-jacking. Mud-jacking creates more weight beneath the slab and will only make it sink again in the future. It is also waterproof and environmentally friendly so you don't have to worry about it ever washing out.

Poly Level Repair in Albany, NY

Mr. F contacted our company with concerns about his front porch creating a tripping hazard due to the concrete slab dropping and leaving a high step to get into his house. Our Design Specialist Tim met with Mr. F to discuss the best solution to this issue, suggesting our patented Poly Level System. Afterwards our foreman Michael came and inserted Poly Level into the concrete ultimately solving the issue and creating a safer porch for Mr. F and his family.

Our Poly Level System is a state of the art approach to repairing sinking concrete. Rather than using a mixture of concrete and mud, this method utilizes high-density polymers to raise slabs back to a desired level.

Sidewalk Repair in Schenectady, NY

This customer in Schenectady, New York reached out to us to level a significant crack in his concrete walkway that needed to be safely wheelchair accessible. Choosing our PolyLevel concrete repair system was a no brainer. The PolyLevel lifted and leveled the concrete back to it's original standards and was completed for use within 15 minutes! Pea sized holes were drilled into the slab and then the polymer foam was injected to lift it. PolyLevel is environmentally friendly, waterproof, and can also be used to lift and stabilize roads, bridges, and even railroads. 

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