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Work Requests in Delmar

Adirondack Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Delmar. Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems's recent work requests in Delmar and nearby areas!

Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' recent work requests in Delmar, NY
Vicinity of Dana Court in Delmar
Hi Adirondack Folks, I'm requesting an estimate on my multiple basement problems, including wet basement, 3 new basement windows, maybe concrete problems, etc. Thank you!
Vicinity of Paxwood Rd in Delmar
Noticing efflorescence and spalling of basement cinderblock
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Delmar
Basement wet, need drainage system. Land lot drainage not sufficent
Vicinity of Cherry Avenue in Delmar
I am interested in refinishing my basement. I want information on making sure it stays dry.
Vicinity of Adams Street in Delmar
We have a basement that has concrete, but the concrete is beaking up and cracking. we were told when we moved in 20 years ago that the concrete was so old , it would not prevent seepage of water coming up thru the floor. and, that the only way to prevent it was to jack hammer it up , remove it, and pour new concrete. given the expense of that, we chose to put carpet over it and live with it. now, after several floods, we have removd all of the carpet back down to the floor and are wondering what to do next. re-carpet? linoleum? nothing?we need some ideas.
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Delmar
Install a basement egress window
Vicinity of Adams Place in Delmar
Between heavy rains and sump pump failure, our basement flooded around the perimeter. We've removed most ruined items, but need assistance getting rid of remainder of water and deposits--possible mold?
Vicinity of Dawson Rd in Delmar
I have a very musty humid finished basement.
Vicinity of Hudson Ave. in Delmar
I am in the process of purchasing a home and would like an estimate completed for water damage in the basement.
Vicinity of Brookman Ave. in Delmar
Wet basement, sewage smell.
Vicinity of Westphal Drive in Delmar
Would like a quote on replacing basement windows
Vicinity of Durham Ct in Delmar
Looking for water backup sump pump. Switch broke on old one and new part cannot be found.. I would like a ballpark figure for replacement, including labor. I already have a working sump pump connected to a generator
Vicinity of Crestwood Lane in Delmar
We need estimate on numerous items my wife feels need to be fixed in our basement.
Vicinity of Cherry Ave in Delmar
We have old basement windows that need replacing.
Vicinity of FISHER BLVD in Delmar
Vicinity of Juniper Drive in Delmar
Hello, I am writing in connection with 2 matters: 1) a smaller scale residential project in my home where we are seeing signs of moisture in my basement and crawl space. This project is located in Slingerlands, NY. 2) a larger scale project at an apartment complex we own and operate where we are seeing settlement and uneven floors. We have had this issue evaluated and have documentation available for your review however I feel a site visit will be necessary. This project is located in Schodack, NY. Thank you
Vicinity of Wedgewood Drive in Delmar
We have a 17 y.o. house with poured concrete walls in the basement. There is one major area where there is a crack (albeit not wide) that leaks water with every rain. Need to excavate to both fix the leak from the outside, and to put in a supplemental drainage system (we already have sump pumps).
Vicinity of Dumbarton Dr. in Delmar
The front step to the main entryway to our house has sunk. Please Email me to set up an appointment
Vicinity of Adams Place in Delmar
Basement has seepage, interested in waterproofing costs. Maybe later look into making it a room.
Vicinity of Rural Pl in Delmar
I just moved into the newly purchased house built in 1940. After removing the rugs in the basement, I discovered that the concrete floor is damp and crumbling. I need your advice on the ways to stop the seeping of the moisture. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brookview Ave in Delmar
Replace 1-2 basement Windows. Possible ceiling replacement of finished area.
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Delmar
Basement occasionally has free standing water during heavy rains that I think comes up from floor. I would like to have the problem fixed so we can get more use out of the basement.
Vicinity of Abbey Road in Delmar
This is a new condo but I think I need a backup on my sump pump, because of the latest rain storms
Vicinity of in Delmar
We are thinking about putting in a sump pump.
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Delmar
I have a partial french drain installed by Adirondack Basement. Looking for proposal to complete the rest of the perimeter.
Vicinity of Herrick Ave in Delmar
Our basement has continuous seepage. We have a sump pump that runs all the time but water is seeping in the walls.
Vicinity of Windsor Ct in Delmar
Moisture on basement walls (block) with mold.
Vicinity of Hasgate Dr in Delmar
- Would like an estimate for basement egress window(s) and possibly finishing part of basement.
Vicinity of Hudson Avenue in Delmar
Humidity on the basement
Vicinity of Louise St in Delmar
Wet basement price on new windows
Vicinity of Werner Avenue in Delmar
We have two very small basement windows that we would like to turn into better, larger egress windows.
Vicinity of Parkwyn Drive in Delmar
It appears that my foundation has shifted - I have a poured concrete foundation with a row of cinder blocks on top of the concrete. A section of the concrete blocks has partially rolled off center away from the middle of the structure.
Vicinity of Brockley Drive in Delmar
Mold, moisture, mildew Finish the basement also
Vicinity of Westchester Dr. N in Delmar
Bowing wall with cracks evident inside and outside where the bowing wall connects to the connecting wall. Also minor concern regarding basement floor and a few soft cinder blocks that had been covered by paint at time of purchase.
Vicinity of Orcard Street in Delmar
I have water seeping through the cinder block walls and occasional water entering under the sill plate.
Vicinity of Gladwish Road in Delmar
Interested in getting sump pump installed.
Vicinity of Crannell Avenue in Delmar
We have leaks in our basement, from both floors and walls.
Vicinity of Mill Road in Delmar
Water and mold in the basement and crawl spaces. Maybe some mold in the attic.
Vicinity of Dover Dr in Delmar
Addition crawlspace is soaked. There is a lack of proper drainage and it has a strong mildew odor.
Vicinity of Holbrook Way in Delmar
Horizontal crack. Upper third of wall. Wall is adjacnet to garage.
Vicinity of East Poplar Drive in Delmar
Need an estimate for installation of egress window or windows in my basement.
Vicinity of in Delmar
Basement sump pump is making constant noises and sound of churning water can heard underground.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Avenue in Delmar
I would like know the general range of cost and time of construction for the installation of a standard egress window for a basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Wellington in Delmar
Horizontal crack just below ground level
Vicinity of Westchester in Delmar
Basement block foundation wall has horizontal crack with small amounts of moisture.
Vicinity of Murrlin Drive in Delmar
Hello - we're looking to have a submersible sump pump installed. The hole is already there from the previous owner. House is close to the street. French drains in place. Line runs to the street. Preferably a Wednesday visit for a quote. Thank you for your time!
Vicinity of Jordan Blvd in Delmar
50 year old house with damp basement. No serious leakage, but needs some maintenance for the long term.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Delmar
Very wet basement
Vicinity of Orchard Street in Delmar
Sump pump, crawl space, basement
Vicinity of Albin Rd in Delmar
Horizontal crack the length of the back wall Would like assessment and estimate
Vicinity of Franklin St in Delmar
Remodeling our basement. Looking for a plan to reduce humidity. We have a basic dehumidifier that needs to be emptied by hand. Looking for a better solution. We have a sump pump but it is on the other side of a concrete wall. Finished area will probably be about 1000sq feet.
Vicinity of Hasgate Drive in Delmar
My current sump pump has failed twice in the last 10 years causing flooding in my finished basement. I would like to get a quote on a better, perhaps more industrial type sump pump system that is fail safe to replace my current one.
Vicinity of Harrison Ave in Delmar
The basement is about 24 x 36 and pretty damp, though there is not standing water, even during heavy rains. We already have a sump pump and dehumidifier but it is still quite damp. We would like a quote about getting it fully sealed and waterproofed.
Vicinity of East Fernbank Ave in Delmar
Hello, Does AB install the tar/plastic film/dimpled high-density plastic membrane systems on exterior basement walls?
Vicinity of Walimary in Delmar
Need a basement window replaced
Vicinity of Brockley Drive in Delmar
Basement finishing estimate
Vicinity of Dowers Way in Delmar
When it rains we get some water in a crawl space.
Vicinity of Kenwood Ave. in Delmar
Water enters basement where inner wall meets floor in a corner of house/basement. I assume surface of outer wall needs to be resurfaced/sealed.
Vicinity of Nathaniel Blvd. in Delmar
Interested in better ground water drainage system.
Vicinity of Jordan Blvd in Delmar
I'd like to get an estimate on basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of St. Clair Dr. in Delmar
Looking for a solution to mildow/mold/musty smell!
Vicinity of Burhans Pl in Delmar
I am looking for Insulation or the attic, and some basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of in Delmar
Previous oowners painted basement walls-efflourescence spots now showing through paint.
Vicinity of Royal Blvd. in Delmar
Have a full water during last storm. Would like to finish basement into living space, but need a solution for water.
Vicinity of Maywood Rd in Delmar
I have a existing sump pump in my basement and it is working pretty well. I am interested to to know how much will cost me to have a triple safe sump pump system in my basement to have a better protection.Thank you
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Delmar
I have water seepage that needs to be addressed
Vicinity of Marlboro Road in Delmar
Need 3 basement windows replaced.
Vicinity of Bedell Ave in Delmar
Our basement is damp. we did a mold removal/remediation when we moved in 3 years ago but now we need more space so we are hoping to refinish
Vicinity of Kenwood Avenue in Delmar
Looking for a quote for a basement drainage system with sump and dehumidifier. Saw you do spray foam insulation and wondered if you do attic spaces as well.
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Delmar
Interested in a quote to waterproof my basement
Vicinity of HAsgate Drive in Delmar
I would like a consultation on a basement dehumidifying system.
Vicinity of Center Lane in Delmar
Hi, I have a partially finished basement. I pipe has minor leak creating damage to roof of basement. Looking for an stimate to fix roof and possibly finish rest of basment. Thanks, Jerod

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