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Work Requests in Gloversville

Adirondack Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Gloversville. Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems's recent work requests in Gloversville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' recent work requests in Gloversville, NY
Vicinity of East Lvd in Gloversville
We built our home about 10 years ago and over the years the drain around the outside has filled up and in the spring we get water coming in around the floor of the foundation and we have discussed putting your system in and we are ready to move on it now
Vicinity of in Gloversville
Water comes in around the walls in the basement
Vicinity of in Gloversville
Bought a house 2 years ago and we are doing improvements a little at a time. We have a basement along with a crawlspace under an addition. the crawlspace opens up to the basement. Basement is always cold and i want to redo the basement soon and don't know what options i have as far as sealing off the crawlspace to the basement and adding ventilation, etc. Thanks
Vicinity of Easterly St in Gloversville
Walls and floor in field stone basement leak. Would like to turn into den.
Vicinity of South Shore Road - Peck Lake in Gloversville
I have a camp on Peck Lake in the town of Johnstown. In the one cornet of the camp, the block is bowing or leaning and joins have cracked. I am looking for recommendations and estimates for fixing.
Vicinity of Gillen Terrace in Gloversville
Water seepage in the basement; musty smell; old basement windows that probably need to be replaced
Vicinity of in Gloversville
Out door water drain issues
Vicinity of MARINERS RD in Gloversville
Price for sump pump and de humidifier please
Vicinity of North Main Street in Gloversville
I have a wet cellar. need an extimate for repairs. size about 60 by 40
Vicinity of FRUIT ST in Gloversville
I am getting water in my basement It is coming in where the wall meets the floor and when the water table is high it comes in small cracks in the floor. It also comes in where the city sewer pipe is
Vicinity of Fifth Ave in Gloversville
Would like information on this flooringb
Vicinity of Baker Rd in Gloversville
Foundation crack from outside which is causing water to seep through wall into basement floor
Vicinity of Penny Lane in Gloversville
Wish to refinish basement space in residence. There are a limited water issue I would like to address prior to finishing work. No current sump pump looking to install one. Below floor drainage line empties by gravity feel to surface discharge away from house. There is current full bathroom which is not very functional. I would be looking for options on redoing as a half bath.
Vicinity of in Gloversville
Pls contact me regarding basement water issue
Vicinity of in Gloversville
I am curious to know what the pricing information is on the ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting. I have a dry basement now with no signs of water penetration (house is approx 23 years old) because it has the slab basement walls but am remodeling so am curios to get an idea on price. Basement room dimensions are 45' L x 13' W. Thanks in advance
Vicinity of Oakland Ave in Gloversville
I have a problem with a cellar wall consisting of cement blocks crumbling. I painted the wall with very thick "paint" looked great for a while, then the crumbling got worse. I think it may be a water problem. I also have some mold forming here and there. I would like to see if it can be fixed and get an estimate if it can.
Vicinity of E State St in Gloversville
Recently purchased the house next door would like an estimate on making the cellar usable.
Vicinity of Broad St in Gloversville
Is there any help for a house that is nearly 100 years old?...the front part of the basement has a very unfinished partly worn concrete/dirt shows in some areas - back part of the cellar is relatively new concrete block and floor -but it is leaking water ...I have 2 inches in the back of my basement today....would love to finish off the floor in the old part of the baseement and get rid of all this water..
Vicinity of South Park Drive in Gloversville
Usually spring & fall - water leaks into basement along eastern & southern walls - drains across concrete floor to sewage/drain outlet, water also appears to come up through the floor - foundation is stone
Vicinity of South Kingsboro Avenue in Gloversville
My basement is damp and musty. It's a concrete block basement. I had gutters installed outside and this has helped, but I would like to have the walls and floor sealed and painted and the windows replaced. Really looking for someone to come in and take a look and provide some recommendations. I would like to have this work done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Saratoga BLVD in Gloversville
I live in an old house with a rock and morter foundation...everytime it rains and or thaws there is water...
Vicinity of in Gloversville
I have just moved into a new house and when i first looked at the house ther were no problems. Now after having a good amount of rain over the past couple of weeks I have mold growing in the basement. My basement has three finished rooms and the mold is growing on the wall of one room, the floor through the carpet of another room and the ceiling tiles of the other room. I have read up on what could cause it and the main thing is moisture. I belive it is seeping through the walls and floor. I would like to get an estimate on what it would take to repair the problem. Thank You

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