Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' recent work requests in Lake George, NY
Vicinity of Glen Lake Rd in Lake George
Would like to replace ceiling, possibly flooring and update. Presently basement is paneled. (Finished) but needs uodating
Vicinity of Antlers Dr in Lake George
Had crawl space encapsulated w/ closed cell spray foam and floor waterproofed w/ Drylock and stool getting water in 2 areas. Would like estimate on installing a pump.
Vicinity of Sunny West Lane in Lake George
There is a puddle in one corner of my basement when ever there is a hard rain. I would like to have a sump pump installed
Vicinity of Equinox Dr in Lake George
No exit from basement
Vicinity of Truesdale Hill Road in Lake George
I'd like to address: - water leak in crawl space, - reduce humidity - increase storage - install stone or other material for walking
Vicinity of Forest Rd in Lake George
The new addition will have multiple decks, which are designed currently to use standard sono-tube/concrete with wooden pressure treated or cedar log support posts. They will last for ever. How long will the system you offer last? (Steel in ground will rust eventually. Concrete won't.) Do the above ground portions need to be steel poles? Or can wood be used?
Vicinity of Forest Rd in Lake George
I'm planning a significant addition to my camp (a garage with an apartment above). The addition will include a walk-out basement on the front with a traditional in-ground cellar wall on the rear.
Vicinity of Still Bay Road in Lake George
Need an estimate on crawlspace insulation and buckling floorboard.
Vicinity of Schermerhorn Drive in Lake George
Sagging floor in kitchen area
Vicinity of West Street in Lake George
18" crawlspace under log cabin with a sand floor. The sill plate, foundation walls and sand floor need work to help conserve the heat and elimanate moister build up under the cabin. Friends of ours have worked with your company with the crawl space under their residence on the other side of the lake. Looking for an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of in Lake George
Water infiltration between the Building Slab and the exterior wall. Would like to set up an appointment to discuss options to make the building water tight. Thank you
Vicinity of Summit Drive in Lake George
Need an estimate for waterproofing and elimnating watter seepage into basement family room. Thanks.

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