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FlexiSpan Repair in Melrose, NY

A homeowner in Melrose, NY contacted Adirondack Basement Systems about a horizontal crack that ran the entire height of their basement wall. They had done some online research where they found information about our solution to sealing wall cracks. The crack in the wall was leaking water into the basement and looked very unsightly. As the homeowner was looking to sell their home, they needed a warrantied permanent solution to ensure confidence in a potential home buyer. Flexispan is a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer that fills in the crack allowing for flexibility. Overlayed on top of the crack is a secondary drainage that leads down to a drywell. A second layer of the polyurethane seals everything together to create a clean look and prevent any further leaks from the crack. This homeowner no longer has to worry about potential home buyers being uneasy and can show they have a warrantied solution to prevent future leaks!

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