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Sagging, Bouncy Floor Boost in Greenville, NY

Sagging, bouncy floors giving you a headache? This is a sign that your foundation is suffering and if not treated properly, it can lead to serious damage. This before and after set showcases our SmartJacks—super strong support piers that work from underneath to give your floors a lift. SmartJacks not only keep the floors from sinking even further, they also push them back to their original position, eliminating that awkward, sloping feeling. SmartJacks are the perfect product to bring your home back to a stable, even level! 

PowerBrace Support in Alcove, NY

This homeowner grew concerned about the integrity of their foundation after noticing cracks in the walls of their basement. Wanting to stop the damage from getting worse, they called in a Design Specialist to gauge the situation and find a solution to their wall support struggles. Based on the cracks scattered throughout and the slightly bowing walls, our Design Specialist recommended having a PowerBrace wall system installed to keep the walls in place and supported. PowerBrace wall system is super sturdy and designed to take some of the stress off the walls, providing a huge boost to the health of your walls and foundation. 

SmartJacks Basement Installation in New Baltimore, NY

This customer had an old, stone-walled basement that was experiencing structural issues. Luckily, the solution to this problem is simple and effective! In order to get the integrity back where it needs to be and correct the sinking, bowing foundation, SmartJacks were installed to give the beams a boost. SmartJacks are strong, adjustable, and reliable, making them the perfect product to correct foundational issues like the ones seen in this basement. 

Wooden Beam Replacement in Chatham, NY

Older basements tend to have old, worn, unstable support systems in place to keep the foundation in place. Wooden beams were often used to hold up the ceiling of the basement and thus the rest of the house, however wood is not a good choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution because it is not durable or strong enough. If you’re looking to replace the wood beams in your basement or give your foundation a boost in general, SmartJacks is your answer! These steel piers are fully adjustable, able to fit any spaceSmartJacks are incredibly strong and durable, meaning they’ll fix your sagging floors without making you worry about them rotting or shifting like wooden beams do! 

Bowing Wall Repair in Colonie, NY

A homeowner had their house on the market, and although people were coming to see their home, they were noticing that one of the basement walls was bowing. Bowing walls are a sign of foundation settlement and issues with the surrounding soil. PowerBrace repair system is ideal for most situations because it can actually improve the wall over time, not just stabilize it. There is no outside excavation required either, which means no landscape disruption. After we came and installed PowerBrace in this homeowners basement, they went on to successfully sell their home! The new homeowners are now assured there foundation will not fail with an engineered and warrantied system.

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