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Work Requests in Latham

Adirondack Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Latham. Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems's recent work requests in Latham and nearby areas!

Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' recent work requests in Latham, NY
Vicinity of Belle Ave in Latham
Around my pool the concrete is sinking
Vicinity of Sheldon Ave. in Latham
My Basement is wet!
Vicinity of Grapevine Pl in Latham
Looking to waterproof aprox 40' of basement wall
Vicinity of Hoefer Street in Latham
We have a sump pump on one side of our basement and recently the other side has water coming in from the foundation.
Vicinity of Pythagoras Pl in Latham
Uneven pool sidewalk
Vicinity of Cimarron Way in Latham
Part of my basement leaks during heavy rains
Vicinity of Dover Dr in Latham
We are looking for a quote to repair an issue in our basement. During large melts and heavy rains there is a small area in our basement where water seems to seep up through the floor. Its never a LOT of water but enough that we need to rectify whatever the issue is. We are located in Latham. Do you do free quotes? Please call or email me at your convenience. Thank you. Doug
Vicinity of Grandview Drive in Latham
Looking for a estimate for installing a plastic bucket for a sump pump currently I have just a hole in the ground with a 5gallon bucket with a vertical float sump pump and it is very small and the float keeps getting hung up and then my basement floods. I do work midnights so if you call during the day leave a message and I will get back to your call . Thank you
Vicinity of Brookwood Dr in Latham
Need a sump pump installed. Current pit is an open pit and the pump is not plumbed properly.
Vicinity of Summit Avenue in Latham
Our basement walls leak in rain and melting snow. We would like to have someone look at it and give us an estimate for a sump pump, waterproofing and repairing damage to the concrete floor.
Vicinity of Aspen Rd in Latham
Water leaks in basement
Vicinity of Watervliet Shaker Rd in Latham
I want a clean dry basement. I saw video of your work, and liked it.
Vicinity of SHELDON AVE in Latham
My basement is wet and I need an estimate for your Carbon Armor Installation. Please contact me as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Dublin Ct in Latham
I have water seeping into crawl space/wine cellar located in the basement. Want to get free estimate to get it repaired.
Vicinity of Spring Ave in Latham
Garage shows signs of dampness; worried about seepage through the foundation/walls.
Vicinity of Mildred Ln. in Latham
Basement floor and walls "seem" dry. I have an old sump pump and a trench? (not sure what it's called) that runs along the walls to it. The basement smells musty even with dehumidifier running constantly. Would like info and an estimate on how to rectify this. Thank you.
Vicinity of Holly La in Latham
Purchased property and basement smells
Vicinity of Flicker Dr. in Latham
Small leak in concrete foundation, causing water to flow in basement area.
Vicinity of Eberle Rd in Latham
I have a walkway in front that has sunk and twisted considerably. In addition there is a small slab in back that has sunk and slopes dramatically towards the house instead of away. I would like a quote. Thank you
Vicinity of Utica Ave in Latham
Need an egress window put in.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Rd. in Latham
I smell mold/mildew in my basement and I'm fearing that one or two of my basement windows are leaking behind the wall in our finished portion of our basement. I have two younger children in the house and I can't have mold with them here.
Vicinity of Watervliet Shaker Road in Latham
Replace sump pump, cover existing sump pit, install check valve in system.
Vicinity of Park Ave in Latham
Buying this home. I had an inspection on this home Friday. There are two basement walls that have bowing in them. The property is on a high water table area. It appears to need some structural bracing. I would like a professional to take a look before proceeding forward.
Vicinity of Albany Shaker Road in Latham
Looking for detailed quote and scope of work for commercial application. Spoke with Austin Putnam about scheduling time for site visit. Thanks,
Vicinity of WINDLASS DR in Latham
Install new sump pump including basin /pit for water leak in basement wall
Vicinity of Hoefer Street in Latham
We have a crawl space under our family room approx 20x32feet. There is no entry into it. The one outside vent was closed off a couple of years ago when we installed a deck over it. We plan on installing a new engineered wood floor in the family room. We would like you to inspect the crawl space and give us an estimate on encapsulation if necessary. In order to gain access to the crawl space you will need to pull back our present carpet and remove some of the floor panels. Can you help us with this. We are present customers. Thanks.
Vicinity of Schalren Dr in Latham
Vicinity of Graffin Drive in Latham
Moisture in basement walls
Vicinity of Elinor Pl. in Latham
I am looking to put in a deck this summer and was looking to get a quote on installation of helical deck piers as compared to the traditional concrete piers.
Vicinity of Eva Street in Latham
I am looking to have a battery backup system installed on an existing sump pump system. And/or evaluation of a complete new system.
Vicinity of Omega Terrace in Latham
Need to get an estimate for leveling/patching concrete pool deck sections
Vicinity of Arnold Ave in Latham
We have a retaining wall around our yard that is starting to bulge outwards on one side (into our neighbor's driveway!). We also have some areas around our foundation that need re-grading. Finally, we might be interested in adding some shrubs or other plants to our yard - we basically have nothing! We would only be looking for very low maintenance plants - something we could put in and pretty much leave alone. The retaining wall and regarding are our top priorities at this time.
Vicinity of Troy Schenectady Rd in Latham
Waterproofing basement walls
Vicinity of Alpine Drive in Latham
Water does not drain properly and gets into the basement room.
Vicinity of Caroline Street in Latham
Looking into purchase of basement dehumidifier.
Vicinity of VALLEY VIEW in Latham
Vicinity of Harold Ave in Latham
I have a split level ranch and the sub basement is constantly flooding. Because there is french drain down there i believe the water is ground water. So i would like to have a sump pump installed and would like to get some quotes.
Vicinity of Watervliet Shaker Road in Latham
Older home with stacked stone foundation. Need a quote/recommendation to waterproof, trench with sump or pull water away from front of house via French drains?
Vicinity of Avery Ave in Latham
Would like to get a quote for: - 3 new windows - crack in foundation - waterproofing Thank you.
Vicinity of Dolphin Drive in Latham
There is a vertical crack in my foundation where the house meets the garage slab. I want to know if I should be concerned and how much it would cost to fix.
Vicinity of Clifford Ave in Latham
House built in 1934..basement is wet, with water coming thru old concrete floor. There is a sump pump. I want a dry basement.
Vicinity of Anna May in Latham
Would like an estimate to install 6 deck piers
Vicinity of Park Av in Latham
Property consistently has water in the french drain and need to figure out if this is an issue or if it is something that can even be fixed.
Vicinity of The Carousel in Latham
I want to remodel my basement. In doing I will need 2-3 egresses installed.
Vicinity of Pollock Road in Latham
1,000 sq, ft, basement - paint peeling off basement blocks, not sure mold as well. Just damp, no water
Vicinity of Schuler Ave in Latham
Bulging wall
Vicinity of Starlight Rd in Latham
Thorough inspection of block foundation (c.1950; sand to shale bed;),mild bulging and weakening of north wall by water, downgrade of patio stone, and gutter failure); sand to shale bed; front stoop (single concrete) loose with indications of basemant leakage into basement; outer and inner block minor crumbling; do not want full excavation except on damaged north fdn wall
Vicinity of Grapevine Pl in Latham
Sump pump is not working properly in the basement.
Vicinity of Utica Ave in Latham
Sump pump not working. 17 years old. Looking for most economical estimate
Vicinity of Glennon Rd in Latham
I'm looking for a quote for installing an egress window.
Vicinity of Grove Avenue in Latham
Two issues: water seeping into basement through foundation wall in main part of house; crawl space issue in newer part of house...needs additional insulation and sealing to prevent critters from getting into crawl space.
Vicinity of Citation Drive in Latham
We are interested in a general range for repair of cracks in our foundation.
Vicinity of Ford Ave in Latham
Bowing basement wall repair estimate.
Vicinity of Coventry Ct. in Latham
I am looking for a quote to repair the water coming into the basement floor from hydrostatic pressure.
Vicinity of Forts Ferry Road in Latham
The smell coming from my return in the living room is awful. Years ago we had a mess screen at the basement opening into the downstairs not it is closed up tight so the only opening is in the living room where the return is. The odor is so awful it is unpleasant to sit in the living room.
Vicinity of Alpine Drive in Latham
Interested in finishing the basement.
Vicinity of Homestead Dr in Latham
Basement refinishing
Vicinity of Grapevine Pl in Latham
Foundation repair work for deck,retaining wall and other items.
Vicinity of Dover Drive in Latham
I currently have two sump pumps in my home, one on each side of my house. During heavy rains or rains after the winter thaw, water can enter the basement in a steady stream; not a minor seepage, near one of the pumps through a small hole in the foundation. I am curious as to whether something can be done to prevent the steady stream of water or if this is par for the course. I would also be interested in battery backups, or backups off water pressure for the sump pumps.
Vicinity of Troy Schenectady in Latham
I have moisture and cracks in my unfinished basement. Needed professional advise about it and an estimate if needed. The house is 56yo. Thank you.
Vicinity of Valley View Ave in Latham
We live in a cape with a cement floor with cracks. We tend to have water leaks from cracks in the floor when it rains heavily. It has a skim coat on the slab that is deteriorating. Looking to finish the basement for additonal living space
Vicinity of Park Ave in Latham
Hello, I am looking for more information regarding having a egress system put in my existing basement window.
Vicinity of Graffin Drive in Latham
-Moldy Basement
Vicinity of Schuyler Ave in Latham
We have a basement that we current have 3 bedrooms and a bath that when it rains heavily it gets water down there.
Vicinity of Farmingdale Road in Latham
Need to put an egress window/scapewell in the basement... We want to turn the room into a legal bedroom.... my concern is that the former covered up the window from the inside when they put in a wall system into the room.
Vicinity of Troy Sch Rd in Latham
Im buying a property and i just got structural inspection done,inspection result come out bad for basement there are some crack and mold all over the place and i want to get the estimate how much will cost me to fix it we already work with you guys for one other property in albany.thanks pls call me ASAP
Vicinity of Fairlawn Drive in Latham
The basement floor is adhesive tile over wood. The wood is getting wet somehow and causing mushrooms to grow between the tile seams. There are also seams forming in the wood along with other strange irregularities like pits and high spots.
Vicinity of Doorstone Drive South in Latham
To repair a vertical crack in the basement wall.
Vicinity of Starlight Road in Latham
I am interested in a quote for installation of a water-powered backup sump pump.
Vicinity of Valley View Avenue in Latham
Interested in getting an estimate to waterproof our basement
Vicinity of Vista Ave in Latham
The basement gets water when it rains hard
Vicinity of Lori Lane in Latham
I just bought a home and I'm having moisture problems in the basement. It's an older home (40 years)and needs some exterior work to deal with the moisture. Need a free estimate for different options for the house. Cheers,
Vicinity of E Glenwood Dr in Latham
I would like a free estimate on many repairs/problems in my basement....mold, damp, holes in walls, bowing.
Vicinity of Summit Ave in Latham
We get water in our basement when it rains heavily at the end of winter and are looking to get some waterproofing.
Vicinity of Old Niskayuan Road in Latham
Standard problems.... wet floor wet walls Thanks
Vicinity of Doorstone Dr. S. in Latham
Looking to get an estimate on sealing some of the walls.

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