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Adirondack Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Schenectady. Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems's recent work requests in Schenectady and nearby areas!

Learn more about Adirondack Basement Systems' recent work requests in Schenectady, NY
Wanita B. Schenectady, NY
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Vicinity of Snake Hill Rd in Schenectady
I have 3 cracks in my poured basement wall that are allowing water to seep in.
Vicinity of Charlton Rd in Schenectady
We want to make our wet basement into a useable space.
Vicinity of Avenue A in Schenectady
Recently went in the basement and notice a leaking crack in the foundation
Vicinity of Guilderland Avenue in Schenectady
Water is leaking into our basement through the foundation. We also struggle with water not making to the pump, high water table and damp basement. We have been told we will need drainage in the yard.
Vicinity of Sylvia LN in Schenectady
I need the have the basement walls water proofed.
Vicinity of Randolph Rd in Schenectady
Channels and drainage in old basement no longer working
Vicinity of Nott Sr in Schenectady
Chimney repair
Vicinity of Riverview Dr in Schenectady
Cracks in foundation, water
Vicinity of Gregory Lane in Schenectady
Need secondary escape route for our finished basement.
Vicinity of Ryan Place in Schenectady
Front porch slab needs to be raised along with sidewalk it meets in front of it
Vicinity of Autumn Run in Schenectady
2 concrete slab near my pool have dropped and need to be raised
Vicinity of Central Ave in Schenectady
Wet basement floor
Vicinity of Scott Pl in Schenectady
Moisture around French drain damp basement
Vicinity of Birchwood Ln. in Schenectady
Water on basement floor near corner
Vicinity of Thompson Street in Schenectady
A section of the basement wall is bowing into the basement but the outside area is bowing in the other direction. About a 10 foot wide by 7 foot tall area
Vicinity of Jade Lane in Schenectady
Vertical crack in our foundation concrete block wall discovered after removing interior finish.
Vicinity of Maida Lane in Schenectady
Wall in basement is bowing and has small horizontal crack through it. An engineer/home inspector told us the wall is in danger of failing at some point. The bowing is not new, we have lived in the house for six years, the house is 69 years old. However, the crack (2mm wide in worst part) is new within the last few weeks/months.
Vicinity of Donald Ave in Schenectady
We want to get an estimate on a few possible projects, some that need to be done soon and some that might be later on. Here they are: -2 Basement windows, one we want to close up..another one we possibly want to replace -Check the foundation and see if there are any issues they see that may need to be repaired -Fix the retainer wall that goes to the other people's yard -take a look at the back patio, area where it's pulling away from the house -Take a look at the Bilco door/door area and see if there is anyhting they can do or anything that they can recommend And maybe as we walk around when you come, a couple other small things. LMK if this is ok. Thanks, Shawn
Vicinity of Lenox Rd. in Schenectady
I need an estimate on what it would cost to repair the foundation and the drainage systems in the basement. I need an estimate as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Ave in Schenectady
Wet basement since building. Need to sell - I believe we will have to repair for someone to get financing.
Vicinity of Grand Blvd in Schenectady
Settling/erosion beneath our front steps is causing them to begin to crack/sink. We want to know if you would be able to remedy this.
Vicinity of Stark Ave in Schenectady
Failing French drainage system
Vicinity of S Judson St in Schenectady
I own an apartment building in Gloversville with a unlevel sidewalk and walkways and i need them releveled or my insurance will be cancelled, i have pictures, please respond as soon as you can, need it done by end of the month.
Vicinity of Sterling Road in Schenectady
-cracked, unleveled concrete around a pool. -slab patio cracked
Vicinity of Nott St. East in Schenectady
Wet area in basement. Not related to a sump pump. Wet area located by basement stair. Can see no dripping or obvious cause of water.
Vicinity of Hickory Road in Schenectady
Cracks in the foundation wall in the back of the house. On the outside wall
Vicinity of Norfolk Ave in Schenectady
When it rains, there seems to be a single section of my basement that leeks onto the floor. It has cause mold and water damage. I have removed everything around it, but it seems to be coming from the wall just a foot and a half off the basement floor.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Schenectady
Water coming into basement by walls.....
Vicinity of Fox Ave in Schenectady
Bow in basement wall
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Want to cut an egress window in basement
Vicinity of Killarney Dr in Schenectady
The sidewalk in front of my doorstep has settled
Vicinity of Livingston Ave in Schenectady
I have water in my basement . Did some patch work and water sealer. Wanted to get a free estimate . Trying to sell house . It is vacant . Lock bock on door
Vicinity of Eastern Parkway in Schenectady
There is a bowing wall in the basement that needs to be re-braced and addressed.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Schenectady
Our basement flooded again today. The sump pump had been replaced about 2 months ago or less. Anyway the hose going to it from outside froze and backed all the water up. I'd like to get an estimate for waterproofing the basement and placing the sump pump more appropriately as well as the best drainage outside please.....
Vicinity of Jones Dr in Schenectady
Recently just bought a house and has a crawl space with moisture problems we just got a big snowstorm and I'm concerned about the flooding into my crawl space
Vicinity of Putnam Rd in Schenectady
I need to get an estimate on replacing the joists/ beams located in the basement of my home
Vicinity of Broad St in Schenectady
Add a window egress to basement next to gas meter inside place it outside.
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Approximately 700 Square Foot Basement with water intrusion causing some mold on rafters and stairwell - looking to complete a total renovation with mold remediation but must get basement water proofed first - Vacant Building with lockbox Code for convenient access.
Vicinity of Earl Ave in Schenectady
I'd like an estimate to replace my basement windows and to level my backyard concrete patio .
Vicinity of Avon Rd in Schenectady
I have a very large basement. It's damp down there but not too bad. The house is old (1908). It's unfinished and will always be unfinished so I'm not too concerned about aesthetics. I want to put a workshop down there and maybe a workout area but I don't want to spend money covering a damp floor. I have no timeline but I do have a tight budget. I'd like to get a price quote to see if this is worth doing.
Vicinity of Inman Road in Schenectady
There is a wide open wall area leading to a crawl space under the front porch.
Vicinity of Williamsburg Dr in Schenectady
Our drain system in the basement seems to over flow, our sump pump runs ever 50 seconds and there are still areas where water is rising/damp in a crawl space area as well as where an old water hook up was. We purchased our home a month ago and it was dry in walk through a so we didn't know there was an issue. We are in need of answers and a plan for repair.
Vicinity of Kallen Ave in Schenectady
Looking for an estimate to ensure our crawl space is water (and critter) proof, and also to insulate the piping and add another layer of insulation so our floors stay warm in the winter.
Vicinity of Foxhill Dr in Schenectady
I have horizontal crack in my basement wall. I have PE looked at it already and it is due to hydralic pressure outside. It is likely due to the poor drainage outside. I need the repair to be done.
Vicinity of South Country Club Drive in Schenectady
Damp basement appears to be mold on walls
Vicinity of Valencia Road in Schenectady
Need to get estimate on replacing sump pump and waterproofing basement.
Vicinity of Glen Avenue in Schenectady
My basement is very damp and water get me in after heavy rainfall
Vicinity of Teviot Rd in Schenectady
The home I purchased has a smaller brick/cement porch in the back. There is a crack going through the width of it that looks to have been previously sealed with a foam tube going through it but the seal has opened back up. I also would like someone to look at my basement as water has been coming through the foundation when it rains.
Vicinity of Wendell Ave in Schenectady
I have a front walkway and concrete steps that are falling apart. I figured a repair would be appropriate rather than replacing them at this time.
Vicinity of Country Brook Cr in Schenectady
Concrete patio with peeling paint needs to be sealed. Pool patio gaps between concrete sections resealed.
Vicinity of Marshall Ave in Schenectady
Change sump pump
Vicinity of Union St in Schenectady
Uneven concrete on sidewalk and walkway.
Vicinity of Park Lane in Schenectady
I've recently found puddles of water in the basement after it rains.
Vicinity of Cherry Al E in Schenectady
I want a quote for sump pump installation
Vicinity of Lishakill Rd in Schenectady
Looking to seal off my crawl space. Small home about 800sq ft. Furnace is down there as well and located in south colonie area which is Albany county and wasn't sure what the building code for my area was on if I can have this done or not
Vicinity of Buckingham Dr in Schenectady
Undeveloped garage floor and damp basement which has tendency to leak in heavy rains
Vicinity of Floral Ave in Schenectady
Unknown leak in basement
Vicinity of Maura Lane in Schenectady
Front sidewalk to home needs to be leveled
Vicinity of Hampshire Way in Schenectady
Requesting a quote on installing a egress window in a single family home with unfinished basement
Vicinity of Godfrey Lane in Schenectady
The top of my driveway has sunken. I also have a small section in the backyard patio that has sunken.
Vicinity of Jester Court in Schenectady
20' plus minus front sidewalk heaved
Vicinity of Emmett Drive in Schenectady
Very wet basement. Have gotten a couple estimates. Want one more
Vicinity of Bigwood Road in Schenectady
I am interested in a quote to install insulation and finished wall in my basement,
Vicinity of Pheasant Walk in Schenectady
We need to have the sidewalk leading to our front door and a section of pool patio concrete leveled. We would like a quote on fixing these areas. Thank you.
Vicinity of NOTT ST in Schenectady
Have a tilting chimney on my house. Was put on after the house was built and has moved away from the house
Vicinity of Liberty Ct in Schenectady
Repair Two broken basement windows
Vicinity of Front St in Schenectady
Level first floor of building and provide structural supports in basement where needed
Vicinity of Shardon Ct in Schenectady
I have a 20x14 concrete slab patio the settled and is now uneven along the relief cuts causing a lip about 1" high. I'm looking to see if poly leveling is an option to fix it
Vicinity of , Edgewood Ave in Schenectady
Looking to install a window in my basement foundation. Possibly two.
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Schenectady
I need to have my sidewalk leveled for homeowners insurance. There is a section directly in front of my house that is quite uneven. I need this done as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Stephen Road in Schenectady
Our sump pump has continuously been running every 5 minutes. The way the dump pump is installed is horrible and I feel like where the sumo pump is draining the water could be better.
Vicinity of Vly Road in Schenectady
I have an addition on the back of my house that has an old closed-pier foundation and the blocks are cracking. The main part of the house has an old block foundation that needs to be parged.
Vicinity of Pershing Drive in Schenectady
My cellar wall is in need of repair
Vicinity of Marion Blvd in Schenectady
Inspection of bowing walls in basement w/ an engineer
Vicinity of TIMES CIR in Schenectady
I have existing sump pump infrastructure, would like to ask about installing a battery backup sump pump.
Vicinity of Hampshire Way in Schenectady
Need to remove efflorescence build up on basement walls
Vicinity of Londonderry Way in Schenectady
Looking to install An egress basement or bioco doors
Vicinity of Kalmia Dr in Schenectady
Water in basement
Vicinity of Nott Street in Schenectady
Water seeping in they say its ground water.
Vicinity of Cayuga Road in Schenectady
We had a flooded basement.
Vicinity of S Amherst Ave in Schenectady
My recently purchased home has what appears to be past water damage in the basement. I wish to have an estimate on things I can do to the basement in order to keep it as dry as possible going forward.
Vicinity of SKYWAY DR in Schenectady
Water leaking in to corner of finished basement
Vicinity of Village Rd in Schenectady
Garage foundation wall repair/patch, garage slab lift/patch, exterior concrete slab lift/patch
Vicinity of Warwick Way in Schenectady
Have leak in basement floor where it meets the floor ( French drain) space need to have estimate for repair
Vicinity of Warwick Way in Schenectady
Have leak in basement floor where it meets the floor ( French drain) space need to have estimate for repair
Vicinity of Morris Rd in Schenectady
We want to level an uneven (heaved) slab in basement as well as waterproof basement (water leaks in through heaved area, wall-to-slab joint, and through old drainage in floor). Also interested in installing proper sump pit versus current dug pit (pump & plumbing new).
Vicinity of Glen Ave in Schenectady
Crack in basement foundation that runs a portion of the length of the house, at some points i can see through the foundation to the exterior.
Vicinity of Cherokee Rd in Schenectady
Need a basement window replaced.
Vicinity of Lee Ave in Schenectady
We have a very bad sewage odor coming from the crawl space in our home. We had an addition put on in 2007 and the contractor, long gone and unable to contact, did not vent our drain properly. The smell gets extremely bad in the winter months. Please help!
Vicinity of Parkwood Blvd in Schenectady
I have a side wall in a 2 family house that needs to be assessed and if I need to repair it I will need a quote.
Vicinity of Cornelius Ave. in Schenectady
I have a wall approx. 7 X 30 feet long in my basement that is damp and trickles water in spots during rain in the warm weather months. I would like an estimate on having it sealed.
Vicinity of Alice St. in Schenectady
Wet sump pit with no pump and Cobb-job plumbing, poorly built interior drain channeling around exterior walls, moisture, mold and rot in basement, poorly resurfaced and painted wall chipping away with efflorescence, poorly sealed and unsealed brick ledging(12inch block below grade 8" block above grade set exterior to lower bricks) old non-sealing windows.
Vicinity of Stuyvesant Street in Schenectady
We would like an estimate to replace our old basement windows.
Vicinity of Christina Drive in Schenectady
There is a area in our basement about 3sq ft that we noticed water coming up through the carpet. If you step on the carpet the water comes up, otherwise you wouldn't even know there was water there. It is right by our fireplace.
Vicinity of Socha Ln in Schenectady
Helical piles for 22x18 deck
Vicinity of Riverside Ave in Schenectady
Interested in an estimate to have basement floor deep cleaned and sealed.
Vicinity of Appletree Lane in Schenectady
Wet basement. Water coming up through the floor
Vicinity of Lisha Kill Rd in Schenectady
Block foundation bowing from top to bottom, horizontal seams in middle of wall are open
Vicinity of Park Lane in Schenectady
I have two needs, one is my concrete walkway is dipping and there is a retaining wall that needs to be repaired in order to prevent this again.
Vicinity of McClellan St in Schenectady
Cracked and sinking garage floor, I think there may be some issues with the exterior wall as well (it's masonry) not sure if anything can be done or if I can afford it but I was hoping you could take a look and let me know my options. Thanks
Vicinity of David Drive in Schenectady
Concrete steps have pulled away from the foundation
Vicinity of Whitney Dr in Schenectady
We have a damp, unfinished basement with 2 sump pumps. We would love to have finished space for playing, laundry, storage.
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Discolored basement foundation and small water leak on side of house.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Schenectady
Sagging/broken corner of back porch foundation.
Vicinity of Tremont Ave in Schenectady
Dear Sir/madam I want put waterproof in my basement
Vicinity of Sanders Ave in Schenectady
Foundation seperation
Vicinity of Regent Street in Schenectady
Ground water problem despite current sump pump system.
Vicinity of Highland Park Rd in Schenectady
Hi, I have a beam in my unfinished basement that's rotting on the bottom and has affected the kitchen floor above. Just moved in and was told by the inspector that the beam needs to be reinforced. Can your team assist with this?
Vicinity of Crane Street in Schenectady
Dig out and Concrete basement. Wood jack need replace by steel.
Vicinity of Olean Street in Schenectady
Bowing basement wall. House not level
Vicinity of Wagon Wheel Ln in Schenectady
The foundation in the billco door enclosure is leaking, pouring during downpours of rain.
Vicinity of Lenox Rd in Schenectady
I think I might have some foundation issues. my house is dropping causing cracks on wall and doors getting harder to close. Im looking for someone to tell me whats wrong and estimate a repair cost.
Vicinity of Amelia Dr in Schenectady
Looking to have our basement completely waterproofed so we can begin the process of finishing our basement.
Vicinity of Ft Hunter Rd in Schenectady
We get water in a particular area of our basement when weather is extreme. With recent rain over several days and severe storms, the basement has had water on a few occasions. There is a noticeable crack in foundation outside near the area that gets wet.
Vicinity of Droms Rd Ext in Schenectady
Need larger window that will allow exits.
Vicinity of Princeton St in Schenectady
I need to replace a window in my basement and another in my garage. They are 36 x 14.
Vicinity of Huntingdon in Schenectady
Damp basement with wet walls.
Vicinity of Brookwood Dr in Schenectady
Pool deck is hollow under concrete.
Vicinity of Providence Ave in Schenectady
Bowing foundation wall
Vicinity of Baker Ave in Schenectady
House is on a slab and there must be cracks / holes in foundation in back of house allowing water into garage during rain and now allowing water to seep somehow under house into a certain spot in family room getting rug wet.. that portion of the foundation requires attention and remediation to stop leaks and some of the wood in garage where water has come in needs replacing . I want to make sure best is done to get rid of any mold by fixing this problem as soon as possible. I am having rug in family room torn out a.s.a.p. so project can be started. I look forward to hearing from you with an estimate and plan
Vicinity of Kabalian Drive in Schenectady
Basement smells of some type of odor unsure what it smells like or where its coming from
Vicinity of PLUM STREET in Schenectady
Water comes in from prior drainage system. System doesn't work properly. I need an estimate to fix the problem. Thank you
Vicinity of Ralph Street in Schenectady
Looking to have a egress window system done in basement
Vicinity of Trottingham Dr in Schenectady
Basement was flooded. Need to remove the florring and replace it.
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Sump pump
Vicinity of Nelson Drive in Schenectady
Basement has a history with water seepage but after all the rain yesterday there was a lot of wet carpet this morning
Vicinity of Coffee Drive in Schenectady
I need an estimate on how much its going to cost for an egress window for my basement...
Vicinity of Old Fort Ave in Schenectady
Carpet in basement along wall is getting wet. Hasn't been a problem in prior years.
Vicinity of Anthony Street in Schenectady
We just bought our home and have noticed that after it rains/snows, puddles form in our basement near the wall that is under the enclosed front porch and near the wall that is by the driveway. We aren't sure what is causing this as there is wood paneling on the walls in the basement.
Vicinity of Division Street in Schenectady
It's snowed yesterday n rained all night till now. I just went in the basement for laundry and saw the water puddle seem to come from the basement door area down the foundation and on the floor
Vicinity of Charlton Rd in Schenectady
Would like a price on an egress window for the basement.
Vicinity of Albany St in Schenectady
I have sub surface flooding and need a sump pump to counteract it. It appears to be seasonal because after living here for a year it happened about 3 months ago and never fully went away.
Vicinity of Country Fair Lane in Schenectady
Concrete slab and front steps
Vicinity of State St in Schenectady
Foundation wall tilted
Vicinity of Garner Ave in Schenectady
Basement wall/foundation wall needs to be repaired, reinforced.
Vicinity of Olean St in Schenectady
Looking to buy house but need estimate on repairs mold in cellar and horizontal crack in basement.
Vicinity of Nelson Dr in Schenectady
One area of dampness against one wall
Vicinity of St Anthony Lane in Schenectady
I need to get the foundation inspected to make sure it is in good shape. I also need to make sure that the French drain is working properly and that the mold in cellar is not harmful.
Vicinity of Lynnwood Drive in Schenectady
Hi, My sump pump is working non-stop even there is no water in the well. Electrical outlet and the well were so hot I had to unplug it. I think the situation is urgent.
Vicinity of Stafford Lane in Schenectady
Water flows almost all of the time. As a backup I have tried battery backup, but batteries have short life and do not have enough power. Have tried water hydrolic system which broke and am contemplating replacement. Based on the rain we had on Monday night my current system could not keep up with the water and it overflowed with 2-3 inches of water in my basement. I have a town park behind me which is the main culprit. I have french drains in my yard. Not sure what to do, tired of cleaning up the water in my cellar. Normally August is a dry my .
Vicinity of Angelina Drive in Schenectady
Crack in wall in basement - causing water leakage.
Vicinity of Oregon Avenue in Schenectady
I have old basement windows and one that has a rotting wood casing on the outside. I would like an estimate to replace just the one rotting window and then an estimate to replace all four of them together.
Vicinity of Berkley Ave in Schenectady
Looking to get an estimate for finishing off a room in the basement I have already started. Was given your name by Jeff McLane. (You did and are currently doing more work at his house now)
Vicinity of Breanna Drive in Schenectady
Waterproofing basement estimates!
Vicinity of Suzanne Lane in Schenectady
Price for escape window, full job and price if excavating is done by me
Vicinity of Morningside Ave in Schenectady
We have a 1927 house with a reasonable dry basement but need painting and possibly waterproofing.
Vicinity of Downing in Schenectady
Front porch slab has cracked and the middle sections is sinking toward the house. Would be interested in jacking back into place if possible. If not possible would be interested in other options. Thank you.
Vicinity of Hudson St. in Schenectady
We have a current sump pump thats old and needs replacing...looking for a more efficent and quieter system
Vicinity of Twelfth Street in Schenectady
Water leaking into basement - please contact me by email only
Vicinity of Dean St. in Schenectady
Back porch sinking next to house
Vicinity of Suzanne Lane in Schenectady
Looking for an estimate to install a 2nd egress window in basement.
Vicinity of Empire Ave in Schenectady
Foundation crack near windows
Vicinity of Huntingdon Drive in Schenectady
I would like a quote for an installation of a sump pump with back -up pump and battery back-up please. Also a timeline for when it could be installed would help too. Thank you.
Vicinity of Edgewood Avenue in Schenectady
Water seepage and cracks in concrete block basement/foundation.
Vicinity of Hexam Rd in Schenectady
Water coming in one side of basement.
Vicinity of Stoodley Place in Schenectady
Need to replace four basement windows...not looking for high end..would like an estimate
Vicinity of Sycamore Ct in Schenectady
Pool Patio is unleveled and cracked. Interested in prolevel technology to fix my pool patio.
Vicinity of Palmer Avenue in Schenectady
I am looking to get a estimate to have my homes foundation repaired. One wall is starting to bow.
Vicinity of Myrtle Ave in Schenectady
Want to switch out 4 glass basement windows for Block windows.
Vicinity of Weir Cout in Schenectady
Need an egress window installed on back half of garage side of house.
Vicinity of Eastern Pkwy in Schenectady
Waterproofing basement before trying to have a finished basemnt
Vicinity of Quackenbush Road in Schenectady
Cracked and Settled concrete sections around our pool.
Vicinity of Barrington Ct in Schenectady
Possibly replace existing zoeller sump pump with higher horse power and battery back up - there is water in the trough and pump doesn't seem to exit water fast
Vicinity of Pleasantview Avenue in Schenectady
Purchasing a home with a bowing basement wall. Would like an estimate on repairing it. Home is located in Glenville, NY,
Vicinity of Gardenview Drive in Schenectady
House built in 91. We bought 2 years ago. Noticed diagonal cracks in unfinished portion of basement. Do not know if they were pre existing or recent. Would like assessment of potential problem if there is any.
Vicinity of Union Street in Schenectady
Bowed area of foundation
Vicinity of CLUTE CREST DR in Schenectady
I would like a quote on lifting some concrete in our pool area
Vicinity of Maida Lane in Schenectady
I would like to ensure that the crawlspace under our living room is not causing any respiratory or other health issues in our family.
Vicinity of Marshall Avenue in Schenectady
Water is going in at the footing of the basement.
Vicinity of Lenox Rd in Schenectady
House foundation dropping in middle
Vicinity of in Schenectady
We are selling our house and a step crack in the block foundation has become a concern for the buyers lender. As a result we need to have the issue inspected and quoted for repair.
Vicinity of Taylor Street in Schenectady
There is a horizontal crack along the middle of my basement wall and it appears that the wall is bowed in
Vicinity of Dublin Drive in Schenectady
Need estimate for basement egress window
Vicinity of Reilly Way in Schenectady
Like to install an egress window in the basement
Vicinity of S Country Club Dr in Schenectady
Finished basement we have issues in certain sections of the basement. Stays dry as long as I keep fans on those sections. Also keep two dehumidifiers going during the summer. We have drainage issues in yard, clay soil. Number is a cell phone
Vicinity of STOODLEY PLACE in Schenectady
The foundation of our house has a crack just in from the front corner. It may be due to frost heave as our front walkway also buckled from this past winter.
Vicinity of Westwood Lane in Schenectady
Cinder block foundation crumbling,concrete steps cracked and wrought iron railings broken and loose
Vicinity of Caldicott Road in Schenectady
We have 4 basement windows that need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Schwaber Drive in Schenectady
Sump pump not working
Vicinity of Baker Ave in Schenectady
Have some standing water in our basement ~ we have a french drain on one part of the basement but not where the water is.
Vicinity of Jones Drive in Schenectady
Need crawl space insulation and vapor barrier
Vicinity of Ridgehill Road in Schenectady
Install egress window in basement
Vicinity of MARIAVILLE RD in Schenectady
Foundation has crack/gaps due to shifting. 2 windows under earth, that could be filled
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Damp basement is pretty much ok with dehumidifier.. however, some cinder blocks are pushed in. always had some water during storms. but, recent visible leak has developed during rainstorms.
Vicinity of Crestwood Drive in Schenectady
Huge crack developed in my attached garage, on the slab portion of my house over the winter months. This has seemed to have an effect an upstairs bedroom wall and a downstairs hallway wall
Vicinity of Kallen Ave in Schenectady
Repair buckled rear wall of house
Vicinity of S. Kelley Road in Schenectady
One of my concrete block foundation walls is bowed and I would like to learn about my options for fixing it.
Vicinity of Lishakill Rd in Schenectady
Back door of enclosed sun room will not close properly, signs of other shifting visible.
Vicinity of Marriott Avenue in Schenectady
Water proofing basement floors and walls, New basement windows
Vicinity of Red Oak Dr in Schenectady
Foundation sealing. House shifting so exterior doors do not open or close properly
Vicinity of River Rd in Schenectady
Small amount of efflorescence in the basement needs to be addressed prior to listing the house for sale.
Vicinity of Oakline Ct in Schenectady
Need to have an estimate of installation of a egress window in a basement
Vicinity of W. Highland Dr. in Schenectady
Would like an estimate for a sump pump replacement w/ backup. Thanks
Vicinity of Elliott St in Schenectady
Minor water in corners of basement. Possibility of finishing basement
Vicinity of Parklawn Ave in Schenectady
I have a foundation wall that needs repairs
Vicinity of Trinity Avenue in Schenectady
Water leaking into one corner of the basement
Vicinity of Park Pl in Schenectady
Basement foundation needs to be repaired and supported
Vicinity of Gerling Street in Schenectady
Hello, my name is Carole. My mom passed away a week and a half away ago. I am moving into her 100 year old house. The cellar has always had water seepage problems especially on one side. I literally have to wet vac the floor every year during certain seasons. There is a sump pump on the other side of cellar. I need to get this fixed as soon as possible without spending a fortune. Please contact to set up a appointment and free estimate. Thank you so much
Vicinity of Wendell Avenue in Schenectady
Looking to eradicate that musty basement smell in my basement. Cold in winter, humid in summer. Have had a few couple inch floods in the last 10 years of ownership. There is a dirt crawlspace under the sunroom of the house that is open to the basement. Would like to discuss backup sump pump options.
Vicinity of E. Old State Rd. in Schenectady
Crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Olde Coach Rd in Schenectady
Would like to finish basement but worried about dampness and musty smells.
Vicinity of Laura Street in Schenectady
I have water seeping through bottom wall/floor in the section of my basement near my bilco doors after rain storms.
Vicinity of Taurus Rd in Schenectady
Water comes if the sides and up thru basement floor . looking for a esitmate on how much to repair it
Vicinity of Selden Street in Schenectady
I would an estimate to repair a failed footing. Thank you!
Vicinity of Bernice St. in Schenectady
When it rains the basement leaks. Cement is old.
Vicinity of Rosa Road in Schenectady
House has settled; floor is not level
Vicinity of Clifton Park Rd in Schenectady
Bowing basement wall.
Vicinity of Briar Ridge in Schenectady
First time water is coming in. Also have several small floor cracks that look like water or at least dampness has come through. Have functioning sump pump
Vicinity of Bradford Road in Schenectady
We have a bowed wall in the basement.
Vicinity of Phoexix Ave. in Schenectady
We are just looking at options to see if our basement has the possibility of becoming extra living space. We do not have a lot of money to do all up front and wondering if fianancing is available.
Vicinity of Troy Schenectady Road in Schenectady
Basement condition: Block Foundation - water seepage during heavy rains in basement and garage (garage under house attached to basement. Currently using a dehumidifier that is not cutting it. No gutters - copper snow slides. There seems to be a drainage/PVC system installed already in the ground around the house, but perhaps it's failing? We have owned the home for two years and this is the worst it's been.
Vicinity of Central Pkwy in Schenectady
Stop the leaks in the basement Basement is not used. For anything but minimal storage
Vicinity of Parkwood Blvd. in Schenectady
Water leaking into basement during rains needs to be stopped.
Vicinity of Pershing Drive in Schenectady
Basement leaks water really bad during hard rain storms and when the snow melts in the spring.
Vicinity of McClellan Street in Schenectady
Water puddles on one side of basement floor. Crawl space may be wet
Vicinity of Lamplighter Rd in Schenectady
Water weeping through hairline cracks in basement floor.
Vicinity of Sacandaga Road in Schenectady
Wet basement need sump system
Vicinity of DAHLIA STREET in Schenectady
Vicinity of Trinity Ave in Schenectady
I am new to this house and I see a lot of dampness on the front two corners in my basement and the one wall. One side of the house does not have gutters making the one wall worse than others. I want to see what issues there are before anything gets worse.
Vicinity of Ave A Ext in Schenectady
My basement is wet and has mold, the water comes in from the outside. I would like someone to come and do a free est. For me. Thank You
Vicinity of Parkwood Blvd. in Schenectady
Foundation bowing inward!
Vicinity of Morningside Dr in Schenectady
Finish Basement - maximize Space
Vicinity of Albion Street in Schenectady
Water in basement from heavy rain melting snow. Looking for a quote
Vicinity of Lark in Schenectady
Ground water coming in. this happens at winter thaw. water enters at points of house. on one side water enters almost full length of house.
Vicinity of Van Renselaer Dr in Schenectady
Musty Odors from crawl space into whole house. I want to fix it.
Vicinity of Downing Street in Schenectady
Want to figure out what is causing water in basement during spring thaws, heavy rain - sump pump already installed
Vicinity of Alexander Ave in Schenectady
Water coming through the bottom of the basement wall through drilled wholes around the perimeter of the wall that were their when we bought the house
Vicinity of WILLAMS STREET in Schenectady
Vicinity of Benjamin St. in Schenectady
We want an escape route out of the basement for our family if need arises
Vicinity of St. Jude Drive in Schenectady
Complete basement project$
Vicinity of Swaggertown Rd in Schenectady
We would like to finish our basement completely.
Vicinity of Fifth St in Schenectady
Looking to get a quote on the small part of the basement to be refinished.
Vicinity of Ferguson St. in Schenectady
We have water that comes through our basement floor when there is a lot rain. We would like to finish our basement but can't with the water problems.
Vicinity of Greenpoint Ave in Schenectady
Would like to find out about putting a egress window in our basement.
Vicinity of Oakland Ave in Schenectady
Crawl space mold odor Would like advise and an estimate
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in Schenectady
Basement ceiling
Vicinity of in Schenectady
Looking at possibility of installing a basement egress window in Schenectady County. Would have to cut concrete, etc. May hire out instead of DIY project. Looking for quote with scope.
Vicinity of Mohawk Ave in Schenectady
1935 house, full standup basement. Stone walls. Water seepage through some walls and floor when medium to heavy rain. Musty smell
Vicinity of Ten Eyck Ave in Schenectady
I need an estimate for an egress window put in a basement so I can put a bedroom in. It's a block foundation.
Vicinity of Cresse Ave in Schenectady
I recently noticed stair-stepping and horizontal cracks in my basement wall. There are also small cracks in some of the exterior foundation walls.
Vicinity of Rosa Rd in Schenectady
Have a wet basement and not comfortable with using as storage. Would like to use it as storage and a living area eventually.
Vicinity of Buckingham Drive in Schenectady
Have a sump pit with standing water and old pump. Want to seal it and install new pump. Thank you, Ivan
Vicinity of Arbor Ave in Schenectady
Want to know free estimate for my basement finishing.
Vicinity of Barrington Ct in Schenectady
We're planning on finishing our basement, and town code says we need an egress window, so we are looking at prices.
Vicinity of Oakline Court in Schenectady
A crack in the basement foundation that leaks water on heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Schenectady
I am thinking about purchasing a property and need a quote on a basement repair. I would use your company to repair the building if i purchase it.
Vicinity of Ontario St in Schenectady
Vicinity of Appletree Lane in Schenectady
Water problems in the basement
Vicinity of Jordan Lane in Schenectady
Quote for one Egress Window for my basement
Vicinity of Marlette St in Schenectady
My basement got flooded a few weeks ago and the water does not stop seeping in. i want to to permanently fix this issue
Vicinity of Droms Rd in Schenectady
I have a full basement with only one room finished. I'd like to be able to put furniture and a throw rug in the finished room, but unfortunately it gets water (not a lot, just puddles in places) in the spring and stays pretty damp throughout the summer. I have 2 sump pumps (it is a large basement) and they are able to keep up, but somehow the water still gets in (even if the sump pumps are doing their job). Also unfortunate - one sump pump drains into the other sump pump, and then that one pumps the water into the septic system... not ideal. I'd love to get some ideas on how to improve all this and how much that would cost. Thanks!
Vicinity of Suzanne La in Schenectady
Four foot crawl space dirt floor with odors especially when it rains please call
Vicinity of Division St. in Schenectady
I am looking for an estimate to repair my basement- both a foundation issue and finishing services. Look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Paul Ave in Schenectady
Basement in small cape home is unfinished. It needs floors, windows and ceiling.
Vicinity of Furman Street in Schenectady
Old house... basement walls leaking. Need your advice, and an estimate asap.
Vicinity of Steeple Way in Schenectady
I am interested in a battery back-up system.
Vicinity of Jamaica Road in Schenectady
Drainage issue on one side of the house in have an existing French drain
Vicinity of Walnut Ave in Schenectady
Have a steady puddling of water around the edge of the walls and under my stairs.
Vicinity of Lexington Parkway in Schenectady
Water is leeching in from what looks like one wall in particular. i would like to get an estimate on fixing it.
Vicinity of Quaker Drive in Schenectady
I need a vapor barrier installed in my crawl space
Vicinity of Athol Road in Schenectady
Need quote on insulating a crawl space area.
Vicinity of Plymouth Ave in Schenectady
Cracks in foundation - water in basement
Vicinity of Jones Dr in Schenectady
I am inquiring about getting a free estimate for crawl space repair
Vicinity of Brittany Pl in Schenectady
Quote for water backup Sump pump
Vicinity of Giffords Church Rd in Schenectady
Spotty wet basement floors and walls after heavy rain
Vicinity of Rowe Road in Schenectady
Basement flooded last night, how do we prevent this again???
Vicinity of Ardsley Road in Schenectady
I am getting water in my basement from the northeast side of the house. I would like to have some sealing done around the windows and where the cement sidewalk meets the foundation. I would love to have an appointment for first thing in the morning for someone to take a look. Thanks so much for your help.
Vicinity of Rosendale Rd in Schenectady
Basement ceiling tiles
Vicinity of Willowcreek Ave in Schenectady
Would like estimates for varying degrees of finishing!
Vicinity of Lincoln Drive in Schenectady
Looking to obtain information reagrding solutions and estimate for leaky basement issues.
Vicinity of Maryland Ave. in Schenectady
Corner of house foundation repair
Vicinity of Alexander Ave in Schenectady
Older house with leaking basement walls. Old treatment over interior cinder block walls crumbling. Looking to reseal interior walls, resurface concrete floors and ensure leak stoppage on west side of house.
Vicinity of East Campbell Road in Schenectady
Basement wall bowing and cracking. Am interested in an anchoring system which is affixed in the lawn behind the wall. Driveway and septic tank are both on that side of the house making it very difficult to attempt any work myself
Vicinity of Obrien Ave in Schenectady
Would like to have two new windows put in, and some of the walls done. Not to sure about what could be done with the ceiling as it is tiled now, but would maybe like it redone. Would like some of the floor done, but would like part of it carpeted.
Vicinity of West Lydius St in Schenectady
We would like to finish are basement at a good price. We have gotten a ton of prices an thought the last place we would try before decide is you guys
Vicinity of Englehart in Schenectady
A home inspection has revealed some bowing in a small area of the block foundation. We are gathering estimates for the various options to correctly brace the wall. The inspector mentioned you had a new product worth looking into. We are looking for an appointment on Thursday the 7th at 1pm. I prefer email contact. Thank you.
Vicinity of Guilderland Avenue in Schenectady
Looking for an estimate on for converting part of a dry basement into a family room. Would like someone to come to the house to give an estimate on Jan 18 (after 5 pm), Jan 19 or Jan 21.
Vicinity of Rugby Rd in Schenectady
Wet basement in 112 year old home in GE Plot, Schenectady. We are looking to purchase the home and would like to provide the sellers with an estimate as to the cost of repairing any issues casuing the excess wetness. Thank you!
Vicinity of Amelia Drive in Schenectady
We are looking to have a sump pump installed and reccomendations on how to waterproof our basement. Also, we believe we have a mold problem and would look to have that taken care of. Please call us ASAP. Thank you.
Vicinity of Empire Ave in Schenectady
I have a partially finished basement, it has Sheetrock but has not been completed. I am looking for information to refinish the basement. I previously had your company replace the sump pump about a year ago.
Vicinity of Mcclellan Street in Schenectady
Refinished basement
Vicinity of River Road in Schenectady
Renovation of the downstairs revealed an area of where the below grade concrete brick has cracked and during heavy rain wet spots appear on the brick. The area is approximately 20'x8'.
Vicinity of Van Antwerp Road in Schenectady
Water proof the walls in the basement and mold control
Vicinity of Palmer Ave in Schenectady
Install sump pump
Vicinity of Sutherland Drive in Schenectady
My home pumps about 100 gallons per day out of the basement. Right now my foundation is starting to crack & much of the soil under the basement floor has been pumped outside.
Vicinity of Highland Park Rd in Schenectady
Just had a house inspected that we put an offer on and the day of the inspection the basement was dry (has a sump pump & humidifier) 2 days later (after it rained) our inspector went back and there was standing water in the basement.
Vicinity of Draper Avenue in Schenectady
Removal/clean-up -- and sealing against future -- mold and mildew. Do not necessariy need a pretty living space; more interested in a health-safe storage space. Window repair or replacement a possible option. Also looking for professional assessment of situation with suggested options/solutions.
Vicinity of Windsor Drive in Schenectady
Basement is damp and musty smelling, dark and just plain depressing.
Vicinity of Eartern in Schenectady
Basement into a bedroom with bathroom
Vicinity of Coplon Avenue in Schenectady
3 foot section of foundation collapsed.
Vicinity of Rose Street in Schenectady
This is my second request, I would like to get an estimate on fixing my basement.
Vicinity of Betty Lane in Schenectady
I am considering adding an egress window to our basement to increase the living space of our home.
Vicinity of Rose Street in Schenectady
Crumbling walls
Vicinity of St. Anna Dr. in Schenectady
My sump pump runs every 2-5 minutes and the slab floor floats and cracked which leaks water onto the floor. When you walk around the basement you can hear the water gurgling up to the drain that goes around the perimeter of the floor. I have some kind of algae growing in that drain that goes around the perimeter and chokes off the water flow until I can treat it with bleach to kill it. I need to find out how to keep the water from entering the basement if that is possible
Vicinity of Maida Ln in Schenectady
One of my basement walls looks like it is bowing. I was wondering if I could get a quote on what it would cost to repair it.
Vicinity of Anthony Drive in Schenectady
Settling foundation of attached garage causing cracks in brick exterior and probable stress on main house structure (sticky doors, minor cracks, sticky windows, etc.). Approximate 2 inch drop at right-most corner of garage. The concrete floor has also sunk a bit.
Vicinity of in Schenectady
I need extra room in my home, will like to have a family room in the basement. Will like to have a free quote
Vicinity of Jean Place in Schenectady
Would like to get a free estimate. Currently have one sump pump. Would like an estimate for a secondary pump with a battery back up. Thanks
Vicinity of Gates Drive in Schenectady
Building blocks under the front steps are crumbling and shifting. Also foundation under garage is broken and large holes appear.
Vicinity of Delaware Ave in Schenectady
Looking for a quote on waterproofing, possible mold control and possible finishing.
Vicinity of Keyes Ave. in Schenectady
Basement walls allow seepage & leaks during damp weather. Concrete is aged & crumbled in spots. Would be interesting in seeing what could be done.
Vicinity of Richard Street in Schenectady
Experiencing water seepage thru basement floor. Would like to explore all options/recommendations. Also interested in your spray foam insulation recommendations.
Vicinity of Lancashire Place in Schenectady
Want to finish the basement and has a wet spot in basement too.needs eval and estimate
Vicinity of Draper Ave in Schenectady
Foundation wall bowing would like est.
Vicinity of Rosa Road in Schenectady
Looking to have our basement waterproofed and finished and replacement windows installed.
Vicinity of Old River Rd in Schenectady
I would like to schedule a estimate,
Vicinity of Lake Drive in Schenectady
Wet basement!
Vicinity of Wendell Avenue in Schenectady
Water leaking through wall in basement. Possible foundation problem. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Schermerhorn Road in Schenectady
We are looking to have a moisture barrier put under our addition, which has access through a crawl space in the basement.
Vicinity of Rensselaer Ave in Schenectady
Wet basement. Need an estimate. House on market.
Vicinity of Keyes Ave in Schenectady
Slow seepage mainly from one side of basement when there is very heavy rain or snow melt in the spring. Interested in estimate for waterproofing.
Vicinity of Rose Street in Schenectady
Looking for a quote on spray foam insulation and waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Harrison Avenue in Schenectady
I want to finish my basement have a nice laundry room and entertainment space
Vicinity of Huntingdon Dr in Schenectady
Water and moisture at base of walls in basement
Vicinity of DeCamp Ave. in Schenectady
Water seeps in when we have heavy rain or melting.
Vicinity of Owen Road in Schenectady
My basement is semi-finished. I would like to put wall to wall carpet but sometimes it gets water. What could I do?
Vicinity of in Schenectady
The basement of our rental property has a visible leak on one wall with heavy rains and snow melt. It causes a lot of moisture in the basement resulting in mold and mildew. We'd like an estimate for cost and to know what's involved in repairing the damage.
Vicinity of Suzanne Lane in Schenectady
Wet. Wet. Wet
Vicinity of Lexington Ave in Schenectady
I have a wet basement which usedto flood until we installed a sump pump.we have a French Drain System as well.
Vicinity of Okara Drive in Schenectady
I noticed some cracks along one of my foundation block walls and want someone to look and provide me with some solutions. TX.
Vicinity of Schermerhorn Rd in Schenectady
We have water pooling in certain sections of the basement. It is not consistently wet but gets pretty bad during a rain storm or major snow melt. There is an existing drain around the basement walls but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I believe there is an exterior french drain too. We are not interested in turning the basement into a living space but it's not even suitable for storage right now because of the moisture.
Vicinity of Grand Blvd. in Schenectady
Foundation crack & Basement damp
Vicinity of Phoenix Ave in Schenectady
We have a damp basement with a few "streams" that develop with heavy rain. We run 2 dehumidifiers 24 hours a day and empty them every 1 and a half to 2 days. We have 2 open crawl spaces and I have no idea what is in them, what condition they are in or anything, however, we have a strong musty smell in the house and cannot figure where it is coming from. I don't necessarily smell it more in the basement but would like to have someone look at it and let me know if it is the source and what the cost would be to fix it.
Vicinity of Pearse Rd in Schenectady
Damp basement, a little moldy, needs a cure. Also would like to finish 1/2 as a rec room.
Vicinity of Decamp Ave in Schenectady
Sub pump and water proofing of basement
Vicinity of VanCurler Avenue in Schenectady
We have a family member that is coming to live with us and we don't have any room for them. We were curious what it would cost to refinish our basement and turn it into a bedroom.
Vicinity of Giffords Church Road in Schenectady
I think I have a crack in by basement wall.
Vicinity of Lawn Avenue in Schenectady
Water leaking up from cracks in my basement floor.

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