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CleanSpace Versatility in Maplecrest, NY

This set of photos showcases the versatility of CleanSpace. CleanSpace—a durable, reliable vapor barrier, is typically used on walls—but if the area in question is a crawl space or an unused basement, then it can also be spread on the floor to block moisture from coming up through the ground. And even if there’s a bunch of things in the way, CleanSpace can still be installed without a problem! This 4-layer polyethylene vapor barrier is the perfect choice to keep moisture to a minimum in your home!

CleanSpace Installation in Purling NY

Before and after photos of adding CleanSpace to a crawlspace in Purling, NY. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Catskill, NY

Waterproofing a crawlspace in Catskill, NY!

Durable Vapor Barrier in Catskill, NY

CleanSpace is a fantastic product to provide a layer of protection for your basement or crawl space. Look at the difference it makes in this area! CleanSpace is a 4-layer polyethylene composition that contours to any shape or size space with no problem! While it primarily goes on the walls, when it comes to crawl spaces, it is also highly effective at protecting the exposed ground. Any moisture that tries to get into the home is blocked by the CleanSpace system, preventing pooling and water damage for years to come! Call today to schedule your FREE estimate and find out if CleanSpace is right for you!

PowerBrace Installation in Catskill, NY

A homeowner in Catskill, NY had a crack in their foundation that was causing it to tilt inward, which could eventually cause the foundation to fall. The crew installed 6 PowerBraces. These will work to stabilize and straighten out the foundation by slowly tightening each brace using a specific tool. Eventually, the braces can become flush with the wall, ensuring the wall will stay in a straight position. 

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