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Powerful Sump Pump Upgrade in Copake, NY

Sump pumps are a fantastic product that are highly efficient and reliable in a waterproofing system. Without a good one, there’s little to no chance of any incoming water leaving your basement, leading to pools, flooding, and intense water damage. Our TripleSafe Sump Pump is a top of the line product capable of taking on high levels of water with the help of its tri-level system. The TripleSafe automatically changes pumping intensity depending on how much water it senses. This way, there’s no guesswork on your part. The TripleSafe rarely needs to get checked on, meaning water worries will be a thing of the past. Call today to schedule your free estimate and see how the TripleSafe fits into your basement!

Repairing Basement Walls in Greenville, NY

Homeowners in Greenville, NY had a semi-finished basement that was damaged due to a few rainstorms in early Fall. They had originally used drywall which became warped, discolored and started to grow mold. This made their once usable space inhabitable and unhealthy. Luckily, their good friend had used Adirondack Basement Systems for their own home and knew that we could provide the ideal solution to repair the homeowners basement permanently.

After meeting with one of our highly trained Design Specialists, they decided it would be best to start at the root of the cause and install a complete waterproofing system including our TripleSafe sump pump and WaterGuard perimeter drainage system. To repair the walls, our Design Specialist had the perfect solution, our EverLast wall restoration. Since only the lower half of the wall is affected by water, the drywall can be cut out and replaced with the EverLast boards. They are designed specifically for basements in that they are made of inorganic materials thus making them mold resistant. The homeowners also decided to have flooring put in as well after learning about the comfort our ThermalDry Flooring provides. Being raised on pegs up off the concrete floor, they can be about 10 degrees warmer than the concrete itself. They too are made from inorganic material so you will never have to worry about them being damaged from mold or mildew if they ever get wet. These homeowners now have a dry, usable and visually appealing basement!

Sagging, Bouncy Floor Boost in Greenville, NY

Sagging, bouncy floors giving you a headache? This is a sign that your foundation is suffering and if not treated properly, it can lead to serious damage. This before and after set showcases our SmartJacks—super strong support piers that work from underneath to give your floors a lift. SmartJacks not only keep the floors from sinking even further, they also push them back to their original position, eliminating that awkward, sloping feeling. SmartJacks are the perfect product to bring your home back to a stable, even level! 

Noninvasive CleanSpace Installation in Cobleskill, NY

Here’s a look at how easily our CleanSpace system can fit into any basement or crawl space with no intrusion whatsoever. It doesn’t matter how old or new your basement or crawl space is, nor what the walls are made of, CleanSpace covers it all. Comprised of 4-layers of Polyethylene, CleanSpace is super durable and water resistant, acting as a highly effective vapor barrier for your home. No longer will seeping water be an issue, causing musty air quality that spreads throughout the rest of the house. 

PowerBrace Support in Alcove, NY

This homeowner grew concerned about the integrity of their foundation after noticing cracks in the walls of their basement. Wanting to stop the damage from getting worse, they called in a Design Specialist to gauge the situation and find a solution to their wall support struggles. Based on the cracks scattered throughout and the slightly bowing walls, our Design Specialist recommended having a PowerBrace wall system installed to keep the walls in place and supported. PowerBrace wall system is super sturdy and designed to take some of the stress off the walls, providing a huge boost to the health of your walls and foundation. 

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