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Before & After

Adirondack Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Sump System in Cairo, NY

Sump pumps aren’t just for basements! If your crawl space experiences high volumes of water, then one of the many sump pumps we have to offer is your answer! Sump pumps are great at taking on invading moisture and sending it out and away from the house. If your crawl space is dealing with extensive flooding, try one of our sump pumps today!

Powerbrace installation in Ancram NY

Before and after photos of adding powerbraces to an Ancram basement!

Powerbraces in Ancram, NY

As a house gets older, it’s only natural for the foundation to settle and walls to start bowing. Luckily, there’s an easy solution that does not require an entire excavation or overhaul of your foundation. These pictures showcase our PowerBrace product in a basement. What these joists do is prevent the integrity of the wall from deteriorating any more, keep them from bowing further, and can even potentially correct the misaligned structure. PowerBraces have the ability to be tightened, which gives them the opportunity to straighten the walls over time. They’re also have a neat, clean look to them and are zinc-coated, which makes them rust resistant; giving you one less thing to worry about. If bowing walls are a concern of yours, give us a call and one of our experienced design specialists will come in and determine if PowerBraces are right for your basement! 

Basement to Beautiful Installation in Richmondville, NY

These two photos showcase the difference that our Basement to Beautiful (B2B) product can make on a basement.  This is a very unique wall paneling system that creates a vapor barrier, holding back any moisture from passing through the porous concrete walls. The B2B panels are made with a 2 ½” graphite-infused SilverGlo Insulation and a lightweight metal stud system that is highly durable. The installation process is quick, efficient, and is ready to accept wall paneling, prepping your basement for any potential finishing you may desire. Also, it can also be fully integrated with any of our basement systems, which is exactly what this homeowner did. They purchased TripleSafe Sump System, which is a powerful product that can handle large amounts of water in case of bad flooding, but with all the other products they have installed—including the Basement to Beautiful, moisture will hardly have a chance of getting in. Any potential water from the walls will be redirected by the B2B directly into the sump pump and sent away from the house. Basement to Beautiful is a fantastic product for anyone looking to add a moisture barrier or finish their basement. 

Basement Waterproofing in Freehold, NY

This client had water seeping into her basement after it rained, and she was worried about the amount of water that was coming in. We decided that we should install our TripleSafe sump pump, along with our WaterGuard drainage system, which drains into the sump pump. The before and after is showing how the basement looked at its worse, and how we managed to fix it so our customer feels comfortable entering her basement and using it for storage. The worry of her stuff getting wet is no longer an issue!

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