Sinking Floor Problems

Sinking Floor Problems

Sinking Floors in Greater Albany

So, what's the problem?

Uneven or unsettled floors are a common issue to experience when support beams in your crawl space are in disrepair. Crawl space sag can be identified both inside and outside of the crawl space itself.

How can I recognize crawl space sag?

Gross crawl space ceiling

Issues with your crawl space lead to sinking interior floors.

There are a few telltale signs that you have uneven floors in your Albany home, including:

But, don't panic! With the help of a trained professional like Adirondack Basement Systems, your sinking floors will be an issue of the past in no time.

Why is my crawl space sagging?

Sagging beams in crawl space

Crawl space with structural damage in Troy, New York.

There are a variety of reasons for your sinking crawl space, such as:

Sinking floor problem questions & answers

When should I be worried about uneven floors?

A general rule of thumb is to worry about uneven floors if they slope more than an inch and a half over twenty feet. However, as with many home issues, it's better to be proactive to ensure you don't run into additional problems down the road. Also, uneven floors can become dangerous for people who have mobility issues, so it's important to have a professional complete an inspection as soon as possible to determine whether you should take action.

How much floor sag is acceptable?

Plenty of old homes have uneven floors due to foundation shifts over time. However, if your floors slope more than an inch and a half in twenty feet, that could indicate a more serious issue. To prevent costly repairs down the road, you should consider having an expert complete a comprehensive inspection to determine the source of your sloping floors and provide you with a long-lasting solution.

Why is my floor sinking?

There are a couple of reasons for uneven floors in your home. Sinking floors may be due to a foundation problem such as foundation settlement. Another reason your floors might be sinking is due to moisture in your crawl space, leading to wood rot and ultimately a sagging crawl space as the structure weakens.

Nasty crawl space in Albany

Fix crawl space sagging today with Adirondack Basement Systems.

What do I do now?

Crawl space repair solutions with Adirondack Basement Systems

With Adirondack Basement Systems, sagging crawl spaces are a worry of the past. We offer crawl space support jacks to level your floors and prevent future structural damage.

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